45- PLENARY SESSION in Memory of Michel BOUNIAS

In Memory of Michel BOUNIAS passed away March 23, 2003


Saturday August 13, 2005, during an official ceremony in honour of Michel Bounias,
passed away March 23, 2003. His son, Marc Bounias presented a talk about :
Michel BOUNIAS, Founder and Coordinator of "THE GLOBAL PROJECT".

Marc Bounias (France)



Science Responsability and Scientists Concern for Evolution of Planet Earth:
a Manifesto on Action for World's Peace and Harmony by

M. Bounias (France) and K.E. Wolff (Germany), G.Tsirigotis (Greece),
V. Krasnoholovets (Ukraine), M. Kljajic (Slovenia), J. Chandler(USA),
V. Burdyuzha (Russia), A. Bonaly (France)




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